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Dog Walking

These are the normal workday walks that most clients choose. They are ideal for all dogs that need regular exercise and need play time while you're at work.  

Quick Visit: $18.00

This includes coming over to your house and letting out your dog to do their business (usually a 5 min visit).  Each additional dog is $2.00/visit.

30 Minute Visit: $24.00

This includes a 20-30 minute walk, playtime in the yard such as fetching balls, toys, giving medication, refilling water bowl and Kong toys before leaving your home.

Each additional dog is $2.00/visit.


45 Minute Visit-$36.00

This is great for your energetic pup who needs more than a 30 minute walk to be tired and a little extra TLC time.  

Each additional dog is $2.00/visit

5.00 surcharge for all visits after 5pm and weekends.

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