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Pet Sitting

For all of us that have fur babies and travel, having a reliable pet sitter is important.  Peppy Paws, LLC provides the highest quality of care for all your pets, young and old!  


For vacations, pet sitting is ideal for your pet.  They will be able to stay in the comfort of their own home and still get plenty of love and exercise they need!

My Rates

I have two type of visits, details below:  


Quick Visit -$18.00

This includes coming into your home, taking your dog out to do their business and bringing them back into the house.  It is a 5 minute visit.  Each additional pet is $2.00/visit


30 Minute Visit- $24.00

This includes walking, exercising, yard play, clean up, feeding, fresh water, and (cat) litter box clean up.  Your pet will have 30 minutes of constant interaction the whole time I'm at your house.  Each additional pet is $2.00/visit.

45 Minute Visit-$36.00

This is great for your energetic pup who needs more than a 30 minute walk to be tired and a little extra TLC time. 

Each additional pet is $2.00/visit.

$5.00 surcharge for visits after 5 pm and weekends

House Maintenance-$5.00/day-

This offer will give your home a lived-in look.  This includes watering plants, collecting mail and newspapers, alternating lights, and putting trash out and bringing it in.  A full security check of your house will also be performed on my last visit of the day. Any special requests, just ask!

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